FFAG04 Proceedings

"A Non-Scaling Radial-Sector Fixed Field Alternating Gradient (FFAG) Ring for Carbon Cancer Therapy" ,
E. Keil, A. Sessler, and D. Trbojevic
"Recent Results from Optimization Studies of Linear Non-Scaling FFAGs for Muon Acceleration" ,
J. S. Berg
"Non-Scaling Fixed Field Gradient Optimization" ,
D. Trbojevic
"Report of Working Group I: FFAGs for Muon Physics" ,
S. Koscielniak and S. Machida
"Design Criteria of a Proton FFAG Accelerator" ,
A. G. Ruggiero
"FFAG Accelerator as a New Injector for the BNL-AGS" ,
A. G. Ruggiero
"Sharp Edge Effects of the Magnets of a FFAG Accelerator" ,
A. G. Ruggiero
"Design study of a superconducting magnet for a FFAG synchrotron" ,
T. Obana, T. Ogitsu, T. Nakamoto, K. Sasaki, A. Yamamoto, T. Orikasa, M. Yoshimoto, and Y. Mori
"An fixed field alternating gradient ring for a high intensity monochromatic muon source" ,
A. Sato
"Development of FFAG accelerator" ,
Y. Mori
"Particle dynamics of an electron FFAG" ,
S. Machida

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