FFAG 04 : Registration

Registration Fee

We collect the registration fee at the reception desk. 

Banquet          10,000 yen    5,000 yen(students)

w/o Banquet     5,000 yen    2,500 yen(students)  

Registration Form

If you want to join us, please fill out the following form
and send it to "ffag04_registration@hadron.kek.jp"

For your accommodation at KEK, we can prepare the KEK guest house,
whose rate per night is about 10 dollars.
If you want, ”Urban hotel”, which is the closest hotel to KEK,
is also available. The rate per night is about 60 dollars.
We can make a reservation for you.
Your request for accommodation is also necessary.

Family name :
Given name :
Institution :
Title :
Zip :
Building :
Street :
City :
State :
Country :
email :
Phone :
Arrival date :
Departure date :
Accommodation : KEK dome / Hotel / no need

We would like to have your registration mail until October 6th.