Welcome party, Dec.4th

@Place and time:@

     6:00 p.m. @ Hineno Station Hotel



Banquet–Hot spring and Kaiseki ryori, Dec. 7th


Gathering place and time:@

6:10 p.m. @ KURRI Gate (20minutes bus trip)


Restaurant: Information:

Please enjoy Hot spring and dinner at Fudouguchi-kanisفj











You can take Hot spring before the dinner.

Rental fee

One small towel: No charge

Bath towel: 210yen

Yukata: 315yen












Dinner Information:

Please Enjoy Kaiseki Ryori style dinner

"Kaiseki Ryouri" is Japanese formal cuisine.

You can enjoy various kinds of the best and

freshest foods from the mountains and the sea.

It is served boiled, simmered, grilled, or vinegared.