Travel information

KURRI is in Kumatori-town, Izumiminami, Osaka Prefecture. And it is located about 40km southwest of the center of Osaka and about 10km southeast of Kansai international airport. (Osaka map: Red cross-shaped indicates KURRI)


From Kansai International Airport to Hineno Station Hotel

Use free shuttle bus service from the airport to the hotel. It takes 20minutes. (time table)

Train is also available; take JR train to reach Hineno Station (second stop). It takes 10minutes and 440yen. (time table) You will not miss the hotel because the hotel is located one-minute walk from Hineno station. (Hotel map)


From Hineno Station Hotel to KURRI

 During the workshop days, the hotel provides free shuttle bus between the hotel and KURRI in accordance with the beginning and the end of workshop.


Timetable of free shuttle bus.

             To KURRI       To Hineno Station Hotel

5th(Mon)             8:30                     18:30

6th(Tue)               8:30                     18:30

7th(Wed)              8:30                     18:10 (To Bauquet)

8th(Thu)               8:30                     18:30

9th(Fri.)                8:30                     17:30


Note: This timetable has about 5 minutes ambiguity

     due to the context that the hotel has some parties of travelers.


  *Hineno Station is a kind of hard for a passenger with large baggage because it has no escalator and elevator.

@*See also KURRI HP (transportation)