FFAG Accelerator Workshop: FFAG 05
--- Proton driver, muon accelerator and various applications ---


December 5-9, 2005


Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute


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We are pleased to inform you of the international workshop of
FFAG (Fixed Field Alternating Gradient) accelerator at KURRI. In this series
on workshops, we discuss the development of FFAG, R&Ds of related hardware,
and the future perspectives of FFAG application in various fields.

In this time, we will have some plenary talks mainly in morning session.
In afternoon, we separate to several groups as for the particular topics
and work up a FFAG design with sitting around a table.
Until the end of the workshop, any plan or idea will be got into a definite
FFAG, we hope.
We prepare the following topics...
-Proton driver
-Muon acceleration
-Applications such as for cancer therapy, electron machine, PRISM
and so on...

More details and new information of FFAG05 workshop are available at our web site;


Please visit the home page. And if you wish to contact the FFAG05 workshop
secretary, please send the following e-mail address,



We look forward to seeing you at FFAG05 in KURRI.


Yoshiharu Mori

Scientific Secretary

Masamitsu Aiba


Kota Okabe


Kimiyo Ikeda


Tomoko Ono


Masako Taki