ICFA Beam Dynamics Mini-Workshop
on Beam Loading

KEK-Tanashi, Tokyo,
February 23-25,1998.

Workshop date: February 23-25,1998
Workshop site: KEK-Tanashi; Midori-cho 3-2-1,Tanashi,Tokyo,188-8501 JAPAN

Tentative time table (revised on 2/17)

How to get to KEK-Tanashi

How to get to Hotel Prizo

Registration Form

Y. Mori(KEK, chair, moriy@kekvax.kek.jp)
C.Ohmori(KEK, secretary, chihiro@kekvax.kek.jp)

We are pleased to announce the ICFA Mini-workshop on "Beam Loading" in high intensity hadron synchrotrons to be held at KEK-Tanashi from February 23-25, 1998. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the basic problems of beam loading and to examine its cure and compensation in high intensity hadron synchrotron. Other topics such as barrier bucket and impedance control will be covered. The beam loading issues of the JHF 50-GeV ring, in which a magnetic-alloy loaded RF cavity is to be used, will be also examined and worked in a case study.

Scientific Topics

1 Basic Problems of Beam Loading
a)Single-bunch Effect
b)Multi-bunch Effect
c)Transient Beam Loading
d)Higher Harmonics Cavity
e)Non-linear beam loading

2 Cure and Compensation (Feedback/Feedforward)
a)System Design
*Pick-up, Filtering, Amplifier , etc.

3 Other Topics
Barrier Bucket, Impedance Control , etc.

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