The 1st Accelerator Technical Advisory Committee meeting

May 21-23, 2002, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan

May21st (Tuesday)
Welcomeaddress: S. Nagamiya
Overview:Y. Yamazaki
Linac beam dynamics design:M.Ikegami
RC Sbeam dynamics design:K.Shigaki,K.Yamamoto
MR beam dynamics design:S.Machida
Linac RF:S.Yamaguchi
Linacaccelerator components: K.Hasegawa
Ring RF: M. Yoshii
RCS Magnet System: H. Sato
MR Magnets: K. Niki
MR Magnet Power Supply:M. Muto
May 22nd (Wednesday)
Monitor:J. Kishiro, N.Hayashi
Control:J. Chiba
Beam Loss and Strategies for its Mitigation:Y. Mori
Injection/Extraction:I. Sugai, I. Sakai
Slow extraction:M.Tomizawa
Vacuum:Y. Saitoh
May 23rd (Thursday)
Verbal Report to the Project Team

Joint Project
Joint Project (in Japanese)
KEK Tsukuba
KEK Tsukuba (in Japanese)
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