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High Intensity High Brightness Hadron Beams Working Group


To promote beam dynamics studies for high intensity, high brightness hadron beams and to foster applications of such beams in high energy physics and other fields such as nuclear physics, industry, etc. by inter-laboratory and international collaborations.

Working Group Members

Baartman, Rick TRIUMF, Canada
Chou, Weiren (Panel Member) FNAL, USA
Colestock, Patrick FNAL, USA
Davidson, Ronald PPPL, USA
Galambos, John ORNL, USA
Garoby, Roland CERN, Switzerland 
Linnecar, Trevor CERN, Switzerland
Macek, Robert Los Alamos
Machida, Shinji KEK, Japan
Maidment, John DESY, Germany
Mori, Yoshiharu
(Chair and Panel Member)
KEK, Japan
Pestrikov, Dmitri BINP, Russia
Prior, Chris RAL, England
Roser, Thomas BNL, USA
Ruggiero, Francesco CERN, Switzerland
Weng, Bill BNL, USA
Wurtele, Jonathan LBL, USA
Wang, Jiu-Qing, Panel Member IHEP, China


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Snowmass Working Group on High Intensity Proton Sources (M6 group)



Workshops (Links to HB2002 and the 13 workshops in the mini-workshop series)

June 2002 Newsletter (no. 27)


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